47 Dawes Road, East York, Toronto, M4C 5B1

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SETTEE - See a bigger version of it, still available,  above



To be fixed and recovered. See below what I did with the smaller version of that settee.


Real Hawaiian fabrics I brought back from a trip to those gorgeous islands. Two different patterns are available, in different length (the blue one is not available anymore).

Two leather and Cow Hide CLUB CHAIRS

I bought those two chair frames to a retired upholsterer.

I covered them with new foam, real leather and cow hide. I finished them with silver nails.

In addition to the upholstery services I offer, I sometimes sell furniture I have reupholstered, or second hand or antique furniture I buy in antique stores. I also have fabrics for sale. Have a look ! If you are interested, or if you want to ask me questions about those items, or about others I might have to sell, please give me a call at 647-808-0276.